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      What is the difference between Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Gloves, and MMA gloves. The main difference between these gloves is the flexibility it offers when you try to clench your fist. Boxing gloves offer the least flexibility whereas the MMA gloves offer the most flexibility. However, it’s not just the flexibility which is different. There are other factors such as padding, weight distribution, shape, and style to name a few. 

Padding is a core aspect of any glove. Gloves are padded to protect the opponent from the direct force and minimize the risk of damaging one’s hands. Furthermore, the source of impact in each of the sport is different and thus the area that’s padded is different too. 

Since boxers use their knuckles for throwing a punch, that’s the most well-padded area. 

       Muay Thai Gloves have padding which is more evenly distributed. As opposed to boxing gloves, these gloves have less padding on knuckles and more on the back of the hand because Thai fighters in combat need to prevent themselves from Kicks. Thus, these are designed to block or parry the kicks more so than emphasizing on landing the punch. 

        MMA Gloves have stiffer padding as compared to Muay Thai or Boxing gloves. These paddings made from gel or foam. Though MMA gloves are less padded, the padding implemented does a great job of providing protection to the fighters.