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      Muay Thai is a combat sport which means your athletes will require protection as much as they need the supplies to improve their fight skills and Thai boxing performance. Because Muay Thai is based around using mainly the hard joints and bones to defeat your opponent, it’s crucial that anyone training has the correct protection, to ensure that they avoid injury and get the most out of their training. The level you train at will affect how much equipment you need, however there are some items which are an absolute necessity.                                                                                       When sparring you will need a few more items of gear in addition to those mentioned previously. These ensure not only your safety but also the safety of your sparring partner. One important Example of Kickboxing Protection Equipment are Shin guards. They are the equivalent of boxing gloves for your kicks, formed of a thick padded layer covering the shin and instep. Using shin guards mean that you can practice kicks fairly hard whilst both you and your opponent feel much less of the blow.                                                                                                                                               It is important that you get Shin Guards that fully protect your feet and shins. There are some smaller guards that I’ve seen people use that don’t provide much coverage at all. There are also shin sock guards that fit tightly to your legs. These guards are used in amateur tournaments and don’t offer as much protection as the standard shin guards.