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Top King "EMPOWER CREATIVITY" Headgear - Black & Gold

Top King "EMPOWER CREATIVITY" Headgear - Black & Gold

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  • Top King Head Gear “EMPOWER CREATIVITY” Genuine Leather (TKHGEM-01) in Gold and Black color with multi-layer inside foam for the most comfortable wear.
  • Head Guard made in Thailand from compounded high grade Leather and PU. It provides Extra Coverage over Cheeks, Forehead, Chin, Ears, and Back of Head.


Muay Thai, Stand Up , Kickboxing


  • Inside layer is smoother for easy clean and dry after use. Lace-up on top and back with hook-and-loop closure for secure fit.
  • Specially designed cheek protectors ensure maximum visibility even from shots below the eye line.
  • Sizes : S,M, L, XL in stock.
  • In-Stock Color: BLACK and GOLD
  • Made in Thailand the MECCA of Muay Thai.
  • Made of the highest quality cowhide leather so it will have LONGEST LASTING DURABILITY.