Fairtex Bowling Bag

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The Fairtex bowling bag is a great option for gyms and people looking to work their clinch, knee or angles game more effectively. A take on the 'Teardrop' design of more conventional boxing brands, Thailand's most famous manufacturer Fairtex have produced a great bag. The heavy duty water resistant nylon lining and Skyntek leather will last year after year of punishment. The shape of the bag accurately replicates kneeing from the clinch, as the bottleneck is grabbed and the main body kneed.


MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing


  • Skyntek leather
  • Reinforced Nylon lining
  • Water resistant
  • Shaped to represent anatomy
  • Great for working angles
  • 50cm by 122 cm/20inches by 48 inches is the size of the bag

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