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Jump Rope - Plastic Cord & Wooden Handle - Muay Thai Kickboxing

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Product Details:
You can improve your coordination, your footwork, your balance, and you work MORE muscles (shoulders, back, lower body) than you do running. Jumping Rope is one of the best exercises out there and you can EXERCISE AT HOME with your Jump Rope. 
  • Not only does it build up your overall aerobic fitness, you can target specific conditioning like aerobic threshold work, Vo2 Max, and so on. 
  • Increased stamina. Builds up endurance in your legs. 
  • Increased coordination
  • Improved Timing
  • Builds better footwork that transfers into sport specific use
  • Develop better overall rhythm and sense of timing. 
  • Increased breathing efficiency
  • Increased shoulder endurance
  • Better punching endurance & stamina
  • Burn more calorie than running
  • Less damaging on knees
  • Can be used to build and train different aerobic fitness attribute.
  • it builds eye hand coordination and body control, essential for learning and refining techniques. It also allows you to work on moving and footwork.
  • Weight: about half a kilo - great for shoulders!
  • Even better, it’s lower impact on your joints. 

Product Dimensions:

Small Sized Length is 8.5 Feet Long and weighs 1.2 lb's.                                                  Medium Sized length is 10 Feet Long and weighs 1.35 lb's.                                            Large Sized Length is 11.5 Feet Long and weighs  1.5 lb's.                                          XLarge Sized Length is 13 Feet Long and weighs 1.6 lb's