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Boon Sport "LOGO" Hoodie/Sweatshirt - HDB
Boon Sport "LOGO" Hoodie/Sweatshirt - HDB

Boon Sport "LOGO" Hoodie/Sweatshirt - HDB

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This Black Color Boon "LOGO" Hoodie Has the "BOON" Logo printed in Small Writing on the FRONT Left Chest and in large Format on the BACK of the Hoodie along with Buddhism Graphic on Both Sleeves.
This full zip hoody is perfect for warming up and training in cool or cold weather. The cotton/polyester blend fabric and the soft fleece inner layer trap body heat to keep you warm.
Three piece hood construction for optimal fit and coverage, front zipper and two front pockets.

Boon Sport "LOGO" Hoodies are 100% cotton hand-made in Thailand and designed entirely for Muay Thai enthusiasts and fans of the sport. This is a beautiful Sweatshirt that is well-crafted by a traditional Thai brand and is an authentic piece of Muay Thai apparel. Crafted by Boon in Thailand for both training and casual-wear, this garment is yet durable. The Boon training Hoodie is magnificently made and is built to last. Made from 100% Cotton and with eye-catching logos, this will make you stand out! Boon is made from the highest quality leather in Thailand and is battle-tested by warriors across the length and breadth of the country. With a focus on quality and performance, Boonsport has become a leading Thai brand. Worn by fighters such as John Wayne Parr and Liam Harrison, Boon has a reputation for quality through all of Thailand.



Muay Thai, MMA, casual wear


  • 100% cotton
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Authentic craftsmanship
  • Range of designs
  • Black



The Boonsport Sweatshirt/Hoodie range are small fitting so grab a larger size if in doubt.