Not all gloves are created equal! Muay Thai gloves are specifically designed to offer the proper protection to the Muay Thai athlete. Unlike boxing style gloves, Muay Thai gloves typically have a layer of padding at the wrist that offers protection to the practitioner when he or she is blocking kicks from an opponent. Without this type of padding, the wearer of the gloves risks serious injury to the forearm and wrist area. Many of the best Muay Thai gloves in the world are manufactured in Thailand by brand names such as Fairtex, Windy, Boonsport, Twins Special and King Professional. Here at MMABLAST you'll find all of these brands and more!  You may be asking yourself; “well, I want to be an MMA fighter, why do I need those heavy Thai-style gloves when I have my 4oz open-fingered gloves?”  The reason is that it is simply impractical and downright dangerous to wear the super-light MMA style gloves during all phases of training and sparring.  The denser, thicker padding of Thai-style gloves afford far more protection to the delicate bones of the hand and wrist, which allows you to really wail away on the pads and the bag without having to worry about getting injured.  Improperly wrapped hands can still get damaged, but it’s far less likely with the right gloves.  They are also FAR safer to spar with than open-fingered gloves.  Our training and sparring gloves allow you to throw your punches harder while putting your sparring partners in less danger than if you were just wearing MMA gloves.  Shop at MMABLAST and know that you’re getting the best standup gloves on the market!