Thai Boxing Gloves

These All Purpose Gloves can Be Used for Pad Work, Sparring, or Bag Work. With Velcro Straps for Easy Security and Release. Top Grain Leather. Long Lasting Durability.Multi Layer Foam Construction. Form Fitting Brand Compartment. Handmade in Thailand. Nothing gets the blood flowing like sparring with a partner. Get a great upper body and cardio workout at the same time. Loose weight and make great friends by boxing with a partner. Muay Thai is a great work out because not only are you punching, but you are kicking as well. This gives you a full body work out. Along with sparring, stretching will be part of your training. You will get strong with the stretching routine of a Muay Thai fighter. Get in great shape with incredible flexibility with this sport. Boxing is very popular right now.

Windy, Muay Thai, Training Gloves are designed for professional level sparring. Get training gloves so you can spar with your friends. The hook and loop closure provides wrist support for long training periods. The leather cover will last a long time. These gloves have added protection because of the variety of Muay Thai moves. Windy is a recognized leader in Muay Thai Boxing Gear.