Ankle Supports

Boxers and wrestlers have it so easy. They actually get to wear shoes on their competition and training surfaces! All of their movements are supported from the ground up by purpose-built, high tech footwear. Since us Muay Thai and mixed martial artists actually use our legs for striking, we can’t have the same luxury as our boxing, wrestling colleagues. What we can wear, however, is a pair of ankle supports. These ankle supports help to, well, support the ankles as we shuck, jive, circle, plant and fire off strikes while barefoot. In order to develop force in your strikes, you must plant your feet and push off, rotating your entire body from the ground up, a principle called kinetic linking. The ankles are a weak link in this kinetic chain. You can help to mitigate this weakness by investing in a pair of ankle supports from a reputable Muay Thai company like Windy. Established in 1951, Windy has been making no-nonsense, top-quality Muay Thai equipment and apparel for the discerning combat athlete for decades. This legacy ensures that when you pick up a pair of their super-comfortable, functional ankle supports, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve properly invested your money in a top-quality product that will last you through countless grueling training sessions and brutal fights. Ankle injuries can take you right out of training and, even worse, force you to pull out of a fight that’s already booked. Ankle sprains, like any other injury, can quickly become chronic, recurring conditions. Ask anyone who’s suffered repeated, bad sprains to the same joint; the pain can last a lifetime. The Muay Thai roundhouse kick places a tremendous amount of rotational stress on the ankle joint; a sprain is all but guaranteed if you don’t outfit yourself properly with a pair of Windy ankle supports. Get your Windy ankle supports from MMA Industries, and keep your feet underneath you where you need them.