Shin Pads/Guards

Twins is a brand that manufactures some top quality shin guards that are widely used throughout Thailand. This is probably one of the biggest Thai brands and for good reason. The Twins shin guards are made with premium leather and offer complete protection for the wearer.


The Twins shin guards are wider than other brands and provide more side coverage of the leg. This helps if you get low kicked and aren’t able to fully block the kick with the front of your shin. Twins Special SGL2 shin guard has even more padding in the front of the padding that will ensure your legs are fully protected when you are sparring.

Twins Muay Thai Shin Guards are made of 100% cow Skin Leather and are Crafted for Extended Coverage and Protection with Heavy Duty Foam Core Padding for the protection of both fighters. They are heavy duty, durable, and provide complete protection for both the Shin and Instep. HandMade in Thailand and Tested in Professional Bangkok Gyms for Performance.