Sauna Suit/Sweatsuits


Vinyl Sweatsuit: Need to cut weight fast? These suits will maximise the amount of sweat produced whilst in a sauna/running/exercising allowing you to shred water weight quickly for weigh ins or for dehydration purposes for bodybuilders about to step on stage.Twins vinyl sauna sweatsuit is designed to shred the most amount of water weight via sweating as possible.



 Ideal for athletes that need to dehydrate i.e. for weigh ins (boxers, martial artists) or competition purposes (bodybuilders).




  • Professional quality 2-piece vinyl sweat suit (sauna suit), guaranteed to make you sweat and shed those extra pounds.
  • Well made and finished in order to resist wear and tear.
  • An essesntial piece of kit for any professional fighter when cutting weight or for anyone looking to lose more weight than usual when working out.
  •  Made in Thailand – please note these are a small make so go a size up (if you are normally a Large, get an XL).