When one thinks of Muay Thai equipment, it is impossible not to think of Twins Special. As one of the premier manufacturers and exporters of Muay Thai training gear, fight equipment, and apparel, Twins has been hard at work, producing rugged, professional quality gear for over six decades. Essentially, Twins is inseparable from the history of modern Muay Thai. You want safe gear? A university in Berlin tested several items produced by Twins Special, including gloves and protective gear, and found the quality and protection to be exceptional. Not bad, right? In addition to protection, with Twins, you know you’re getting gear that is going to go the distance. Muay Thai is a brutal, unforgiving sport; you’re going to need gear that will not only perform well, but continue to do so for training session after training session, fight after fight. A pair of cheesy training gloves from off of your local sports outfitters’ shelf would be lucky to make it through one training session. Out of all of the Muay Thai equipment manufacturers in Thailand, Twins Special is one of only a few gear manufacturer used in competition at the world famous Lumpinee Stadium. When the Mecca of Muay Thai competition stands by your products as steadfastly as this, you’re obviously doing something right. In addition to seriously tough, safe fight gear and training equipment, Twins has a comprehensive array of apparel and accessories. Need a full sized gym bag big enough to carry your gear and the body of your opponent you just kneed into oblivion? Check. Want a T-shirt that says “Fighter Forever” across the chest (and who doesn’t?)? We got that too. Even those awesome little gloves and heavy bags you see hanging from peoples’ rearview mirrors; Twins makes it all, and you can find it all here at MMABLAST.

Twins Special Co. LTD was incorporated on June 2, 1992. Its main objective is the production, sales and exportation of their Thai boxing gear and equipment. "TWINS". The company has been skillfully producing only Thai boxing gear made of the world's finest quality materials in Thailand under the brand name for well over sixty years. As a company, it has distinguished itself by receiving the acceptance of the international boxing, Muay Thai and mixed-martial-arts communities. Because of their superior design and craftsmanship, along with their high standard of materials used in production, the reputation of "TWINS" products is known to people throughout the world.

TWINS spent over a year developing its offices and factory; using the finest imported machinery. Their exceptional operations continue to show their expertise in production, marketing and design. The production methods utilized are both contemporary and efficient and held to the highest levels of quality control. 

TWINS is currently the leading exporter of Thai boxing gear to the world market. As a result of their efficiency and industrious perseverance, they have been recognized with an award by AIBA Technical University, Berlin. The University conducted an examination of amateur boxing gloves, head gear, and protective equipment at the request of F.A. TWINS and found their quality to be outstanding. 

TWINS continues to develop and succeed with continuous business growth and high consumer ratings; through their expertise in all areas, they have:

  1. Developed products that continue to be the apex of competition in the field of Thai Boxing.
  2. Developed Quality Control methods that ensure that all products are created in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customers.
  3. Streamlined the use of computers in production, which, in-turn, increases the receipt of purchase orders throughout the world and trade throughout the Internet. 
  4. Has been recognized by the Thai government as an outstanding employer and safe workplace