MMA Gloves

The nature of mixed martial arts is such that the competitor must be able to not only strike his or her opponent, but also grab the opponent as well.  This conundrum of protection vs. functionality has led to the development of the modern MMA glove; a Spartan piece of protective gear that allows the fluid nature of hand to hand combat to take place unencumbered.  You can KO your opponent, or you can grab his or her arm, tear it off, and use it as a backscratcher; the choice is yours while wearing a pair of MMA gloves.  Thanks to the exponentially increasing popularity of the sport, MMA gloves have evolved into several different sub-categories.  Basically, you’re looking at MMA sparring gloves and MMA fight gloves.  All MMA gloves should provide the user with complete form fitting protection of the hand while also offering the proper maneuverability for grappling and wrestling action.  MMA sparring gloves should have additional padding over the hand and knuckle area to guarantee proper protection during striking.  This is an absolute necessity when MMA sparring.  If everyone only wore professional style MMA gloves while MMA sparring, there would be no more sparring partners because they’d all be suffering from permanent Post-Concussion Syndrome.  Conversely, professional MMA fight gloves usually have an open thumb and reduced padding necessary for the professional fight game.  At MMA Industries, we stock all forms of MMA Gloves for all levels of training and competition.